Sri Mulyati, co-founder of Permaculture Lombok

#WomenWe&EarthLove 5th Edition Growing your own food is one of the living ways to cut your carbon footprint and provide more sustainable resources of foods. It is also believed as one of the ways to address hunger issues if being done by every single family in the community. One of the rising methods of farming […]

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Koa, The Aspiring Eco-friendly Bodycare Made In Lombok

Nadia Anjani participating in an Eco Flea Market in Lombok

#WomenWeEarthLove 4th Edition — Nadia Anjani, Founder of Koa, the aspiring eco-friendly bodycare made in Lombok Being conscious and responsible for our own consumption is one of the keys to sustainable living. Growing the habit of using eco-friendly bodycare product as millennials generation that born during industry era is indeed quite hard, as we are more often […]

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Lely, Woman in Tech & Youth Leader of Mataram Earth Hour

#womenwe&earthlove 3rd Edition Only a few women who we know have the chance to be a leader, commit to social and environmental causes plus have a background in tech. In this month’s edition, we would like to introduce you to one of them, our good friend Lely a former coordinator of Mataram Earth Hour. We […]

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Iwin Insani, Founder of Origin Natural Skincare

#womenWe&Earthlove 1st Edition Nothing more makes us happy other than meeting and having conversations with Empowered Woman who empower other women too. In this edition of #womenWe&Earthlove, we would love to share stories of 12 women that we love and so do earth too since they are passionately doing and promoting sustainable living in their […]

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Mahniwati, Founder of Kopi Nina Bayan

#womenWe&Earthlove 2nd Edition Most values owned by our ancestors sometimes already become the answer to how humans should live their life, in a sustainable way, simply side by side with the earth. By implementing that concept, the indigenous woman from Bayan Tribe in Lombok keeps learning and promoting the good values inherited by her ancestors […]

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