How To Clean Bamboo Straw

Having bamboo straw either for individual or business is not only merely for taking part in reducing single-use plastic pollution. 
On the business side, using bamboo straw is proven to be more efficient because of its reusability. 

That fact makes maintenance & cleaning becoming important! 
Therefore, here we collaborated with LA CABINE that has been using our bamboo straw for 10 months, sharing some easy examples on how to take care your bamboo straw in less than 1 min.  If cared well, bamboo straw can last until 12 months + it’s own antibacterial property makes them 100% safe.

Into Detail

Specific in F & B Industry, we know that time is money. Best practice of using dishwasher machine can be time safer. 

Below are cleaning options both for individual and Food & Beverage Industry. 


Prepare your cleaning brush

Rinse the bamboo straws with running water after use or you can also use soap.

Use your cleaning brush to clean the residue inside the straw.


*Monthly Cleaning (option 2)

Every month boil a pot with 3 spoons of vinegar and one liter water. Mix together and let the straws soak for a few minutes for a super thorough clean!


We realize that reusable takes more time and speed is required in this industry, but also the hygiene is a priority.

You can wash the bamboo straws in the dishwasher without worrying that they will get damaged or ruin their sleek finish



*Drying is key in cleaning the straws in the most hygienic way.

Always let your bamboo straws fully dry.

The commercial lifespan of bamboo straws are approximately 9 months, but it can last until 12 months if cared properly.

Happy People With Their Bamboo Staw

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