Konkopia the plastic-free coffee shop catalyst from East Java, Indonesia.

If there’s an award for a dedicated plastic-free coffee shop. That award must go to Konkopia. 
This coffee shop is the one among unique coffee shops that use our bamboo straws. It was started in January 2018. We were contacted by a girl who wants to buy bamboo straws from us. 
 At that time we had started exporting bamboo straws to South East Asia. But, the irony was we have almost zero requests on the domestic side. We didn’t know the cause. Our market research wasn’t really advance at that time. 
 Once we had the request from a local coffee shop, our mind started questioning.” Is it owned by a foreigner?” if so, then it’s normal. We always have that kind of mindset! We know that’s a very bad kind of mindset. But that was also the new kind of beginning until we know Konkopia!
 This coffee shop has a unique setting. It is not located close to the main street. It is in the middle of the compound, specifically in a house. Yes, this setting gives their customer a homey feeling. Like having coffee at home!

Giving the customers feeling like home is not only their unique selling point. Through a long process, they also have created community space! There is a strong community sense inside the coffee shop. Most of them are Millenials, the University students. The universities in Malang rated as most top ranking uni in Indonesia. Such a big advantage point to spread their campaign of plastic free business!

This place has a great potential to start a big movement of plastic free in which they are already started in doing. From bamboo straws, they are now making plastic free kits like tote bags and water bottles. 
 In addition, we can easily catch their campaign by seeing their daily post on their social media.

We are really humbled to dedicate this blog post to celebrate 12 months of their dedication for becoming Plastic Free Coffee Shop! We need more coffee shops like this! 
 This is also a great prove that bamboo straws can last long until 1 year of use.

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