Koa, The Aspiring Eco-friendly Bodycare Made In Lombok

Nadia Anjani participating in an Eco Flea Market in Lombok

#WomenWeEarthLove 4th Edition — Nadia Anjani, Founder of Koa, the aspiring eco-friendly bodycare made in Lombok Being conscious and responsible for our own consumption is one of the keys to sustainable living. Growing the habit of using eco-friendly bodycare product as millennials generation that born during industry era is indeed quite hard, as we are more often […]

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Iwin Insani, Founder of Origin Natural Skincare

#womenWe&Earthlove 1st Edition Nothing more makes us happy other than meeting and having conversations with Empowered Woman who empower other women too. In this edition of #womenWe&Earthlove, we would love to share stories of 12 women that we love and so do earth too since they are passionately doing and promoting sustainable living in their […]

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