AQUAMAN, A Story of SurFace & Ocean Dweller

Last Sunday, December 16th, 2018. We went to the movie to watch Aquaman. We have heard some good opinion about this movie, a friend also asked us to go. So we decided to go. We were expecting the same ending like Ant-Man, Wonder Woman or Dead Pool last time we watch it together. But it turned out that this movie was better, at least based on our personal opinion.

We consider this one is our new favorite Superhero. Yeah, a superhero does not always come from a well-known background or looking handsome neat. What we would like to highlight here is not the appearance but how its content correlates to our Plastic pollution problem.

If you guys remembered the scene where the Prince Orm fightback bringing up Tsunami bringing up all the trash from the sea as the result of his madness of the Human? 
 The surface dweller, human doesn’t really connect with the ocean dweller. Well, that’s true. Just take the single-use plastic habit the humans still creating right now, most of us don’t have a direct understanding that every piece of single-use plastic we brought will end up somewhere, mostly to the sea. Wait, we knew that fact, yes? but plastic is really out of mind and out of sight! Most of us do not aware of that fact. Most of us think that the plastic problem is finished if we throw the garbage to the bin, goes to the landfill or recycled.

Trash Bin, this is exactly where the problem begins. But Landfill? Well, some/most of your trash will end up here. Whether it will be managed/sorted well? Well, we don’t know unless if you live in Sweden. I heard they even import the garbage from another country as a material for its Waste to Energy Facility. Additionally, we have to receive the fact that not all of the plastics kind can be recycled. While Sweden is currently on the top, let’s take a look on Indonesia. s the result, the statistic shows that Indonesia is becoming the 2nd plastic polluter on the ocean after China. Too bad yeah? 
 Let’s connect again to t Movie. We remembered once there was a conversation among the Prince, Minister, and the King which was saying they don’t like the Surface Dweller as the human always creating problems/ initiating problem to the Ocean Dwellers read about corporate tax preparation. That’s 100% true. All plastic pollution problem we and the corporation are creating until now is the real problem. We are just too greedy and do forget that we are living side by side with other creatures. We put our ego first after the Ecological Awareness. Forgetting that we are the main player that must create harmony. 
Plastic pollution problem in the ocean is just one fragment of all problems human have been creating. 
 By stating that facts, I am not saying that we are close to the doomsday. Well, it will be if we’re not taking action now. However, the good news is since the last couple of years, a lot of great initiatives to tackle plastic pollution problem has been becoming popular. Even, the Euro Countries are starting to ban single-use plastic. Great move! And there are millions of initiative and movements addressing this issue.

Gumi Bamboo has been persistently encouraging for business (Restaurant, Cafe, Household & Individual ) to reduce single-use plastic straw usage by providing them alternatively up town jungle. Bamboo straws. 
 We don’t really need a single-use plastic straw, do we?. 
 We all (the surface dwellers) have to be the bridge between ocean and surface.

In the end, what I really love from the Aquaman Movie is the ending, when the Queen, the mother of the two fighting Prince appeared at the end of the fight and said this: “Ocean & Surface are not two different worlds! we belong to one”. I think that’s enough to conclude that all creatures have to live together in harmony. On our perspective, it was relevant to connect the plot in the movie to the reality of plastic pollution we have been facing! Act now! be part of the solution. We hope the Aquaman Movie can inspire you too! 
 To take a look at:—heres-whats-really-going-on-2016-12/

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Gumi Bamboo

Gumi Bamboo

Gumi Bamboo is a Lombok based Social Enterprise working closely with women group (previously employed as stone miners) to produce earth friendly product sourcing bamboo materials from their Community Forestry, providing them leadership & life skill through Bamboo craftsmanship.

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