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Knowing that we are surrounded by great people like you, has made us even stronger. Every support has propelled us even further towards resiliency. Our venture has been tested by many challenges, from the generation gap, earthquakes, and with this pandemic, the emotional bond we feel among artisans are even stronger.

We always hope that you and the important people (everyone) in your life are safe and healthy during this difficult time. In the current developments of COVID-19, we would like to share our story on how we and our community are doing so we will be able to pass this well.

Making sure our women artisans are safe

For local women that we assist, being an artisan is the only way to fulfill their livelihood need during this pandemic.

Fortunately, due to your support, we don’t stop producing. Our artisans are working from home as usual (before, we already do WFH), making sure themselves and their families are safe and sound.

We still provide Eco-products for you (even more)

As the high demand for masks, hand sanitizers, and other health products are increasing while so many people can’t access them easily.

We launch our newest products from collaborations of 5 other social enterprises on our website. We are ready to ship your orders with all the necessary precautions.

You can check here.

The Essentials We Together Provide to Fight COVID-19

Dried Curcuma

Grounded Turmeric

Homemade Hand sanitizer

Handmade Organic Soap

Story of a Cotton mask :
From Producing our Own Reusable Masks until Making Them Available for Everyone

Our Artisans Community Came First
Our ‘work from home’ woman tailors join the other Tailor Armies to provide masks within our community. It might not the best alternative of N95 mask, but this 3 layered cotton mask is better than not using a mask at all.

We were able to have the right instructions to make it in the right ways thus the cotton masks can comfortably fit with any size. It is soft and washable.
Since there are also requests from the outside community, we decided to offer it at a cost.

Got More Working From Home Tailors Joining Us

Providing People Protective Cotton Masks, Support the Government fighting #Covid19 & Helping local Economy are our missions now for at least months ahead.

With always prioritizing the safety of everyone within the team, our tailors have been working persistently hard from their homes.

Thanks to WhatsApp for making the coordination possible, to ensure they understand the high hygiene standard and quality control. It will get better!

There are already piles of garment leftovers we have given a second life as the outside layer of the masks.
As a result, each mask is a unique masterpiece.

Thanks to the creativity of our ‘work from home’ tailors!

Our next mission is joining forces Yayasan Harapan Baru providing the Puskesmas (Health Clinics across Lombok) Health Worker protective cotton masks.

We are donating 700 masks and you can also participate to help us as the local government imposed the use of Cloth Masks for everyone. Donating masks is a way to give a direct impact on the community and Health Clinics (Puskesmas) across Lombok.

So far, we received enough donations to make 200 masks. We’re in the process of making 350 pcs with our savings.

As the wave of unemployment is hitting our villages hard — these masks are the current solutions to provide work beyond our artisans. In total, 50 mothers get access to work through these masks.
 Everyone is hit hard by this crisis. But now more than ever we need to stand together. With every donation, you’re helping our local community access to work and keep the villages safe. Furthermore, it empowers them to help those who become front-liners. 

Let’s stay safe and connected.
Sending our love and warm regards,

Gumi Bamboo team.

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Gumi Bamboo

Gumi Bamboo

Gumi Bamboo is a Lombok based Social Enterprise working closely with women group (previously employed as stone miners) to produce earth friendly product sourcing bamboo materials from their Community Forestry, providing them leadership & life skill through Bamboo craftsmanship.

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