Empowering Women With Plastic-free ocean spirit

a group of women (ex stoneminers) producing earth-friendly products to promote zero waste lifestyle 

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Women Empowerment

Offering better livelihood alternative to the women group who previously worked as stone miners giving them safety, better income, security, better family time.

Plastic-Free Ocean

The Earth-friendly product creation both for individual use or industry contribute in reducing single use plastic pollution on the land & in the ocean.


1 For 5 Campaign

It is a project where 5% of every 1 purchasing from overseas customer made to Gumi Bamboo will be kept for supporting us to offer free bamboo straws to the local owned Coffee shop / Canteen / Warung in Lombok, Indonesia.

Available for wholesale

Are you a business owner seeking alternative solution of single use plastic? Then let’s get in contact! The more people using our product, the better.

Personalize your order

We can help you in : personalizing product orders with using your Business Brand. organizing custom packaging creating custom gift for special events (wedding, corporate gift, etc)

Our Products

Sustainable Sourced Material

We sourced our bamboo from A Community Forestry. Community forestry is a village-level forestry activity, decided on collectively and implemented on communal land, where local populations participate in the planning, establishing, managing and harvesting of forest crops, and so receive a major proportion of the socio-economic and ecological benefits from the forest.

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