Empowering Women With Plastic-free ocean spirit

a group of women artisants (ex-stone miners) handcrafting good quality earth-friendly products to promote sustainable consumption & production

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Women Empowerment

Started for offering better livelihood alternatives to the women group who previously worked as stone miners & giving them a safer work environment and better income, then we grow recruited more local women as our artisans.

Zero Waste Products

The earth-friendly products are sustainably created for individual and F&B business use in order to support reducing single-use plastic pollution on the land and in the ocean.


Lombok Plastic Free

A campaign to encourage micro and small F&B businesses in Indonesia (Canteens, Waroongs, and Small Cafes) to reduce single-use plastic usage started from straw and be the agents of change in their community.

Available for wholesale

Are you a business owner seeking alternative solution of single use plastic? Then let’s get in contact! The more people using our product, the better.

We protect our community

We always hope that you and the important people (everyone) in your life are safe and healthy during this difficult time. In the current developments of COVID-19, we would like to share our story on how we and our community are doing so we will be able to pass this well.

Our Products

Bamboo Planting Program

Even though bamboo is growing very fast and easy in Indonesia, we have started planting bamboo in the forest on a monthly basis and also collaborate with local university to make sure sustainability through research.

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